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Can I ask for a rating from buyer?

Hello Friendz,

If I use a pre-written message in the time for order delivery, and there I ask a rating according to clients satisfaction. Is it rules violation? I want to use the same message. See below:

""Hi {Buyer Name},

I’ve completed your task :slight_smile: And your images are enclosed.
Please have a look after downloading them all.

If you like my work, then I am requesting you to give me a rating according to your satisfaction level, which will keep my profile alive.
*If for any reason you are not satisfied, let me know! I will fix them without any additional charge.
*You always welcome to my gig, share my gig with people you know, and hopefully I’ll see you again.

Best Regards,
_PicBuzz Group""

Lots of thanks.


Fiverr already reminds buyers to leave a review. Twice. Your buyer can get annoyed, especially if you use a strong word like “request”, and give you a lower rating.

If someone requested that I rate their work, plus asked that I spam the people I know with their gig even though they have no need of it, I’d see them as way too pushy and never buy from them again. I definitely wouldn’t recommend them to anyone I know, because I wouldn’t want my friends to have such an unpleasant experience.


Lots of thanks for the quick reply with the great advice :slight_smile:

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@catwriter has given an excellent reason why it’s not a good idea to ask for ratings from buyers.

In addition to that, there have been posts from Fiverr sellers saying they received a ToS warning/account suspension for asking buyers reviews (even if they weren’t asking for a “specific” review).

So… it’s definitely not a good idea. :slight_smile:


Thanks. Ignoring :slight_smile:
Many thanks Brother.

A feedback / review is an extra outcome we earn from an order. We already paid for our work. We can’t ask anything else. Once the order is completed, buyer will be asked to leave a review. If they want, they will do. We can’t force them to do.

That’s kind of unfortunate, because some new buyers don’t care about reviewing. they even don’t accept the delivery. they download the delivery content, and disappear. If we were capable to ask for a review like you do. they will leave us a review 90% of the time.


with current rules, you can’t ask for a review. :relieved::+1:


Appreciate your great suggestion.

Although Fiverr reminds the buyers to leave a review and if you are confident enough that you have worked well and the buyer is also satisfied then you can remind him just once
You can ask him in a very gentle way (please dont use any demanding phrase etc as they might get annoyed )
But remember one thing - dont ask them to leave 5* / positive or any related words

I dont think it is bad to ask them to leave a review as its your right so explain precisely and dont exceed 3/4 lines of message of it

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I wanted to write these lines
“If you like my work, then I am requesting you to give me a rating according to your satisfaction level, which will keep my profile alive.”

I am not asking strongly. can I do like this?

pls no need to use phrases like i am requesting you etc etc
You can say if you have time then can you complete the process after accepting the order / it would great if you can as this will keep my profile alive etc


I think this is a crafty way of asking for a review. Isn’t it? :sweat_smile:

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HAHA Maybe it is…

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“Leaving a Buyer’s feedback is a basic prerogative of a Buyer.”

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Any type of review manipulation will risk your account as has already had been mentioned in the post by @hanshuber16


Leaving a review is, as @lloydsolutions said, the buyer’s prerogative (that’s from Fiverr’s Terms of Service). Getting a review is not a seller’s right. It’s up to the buyer if they want to leave a review or not.


Thank You so much for your valuable suggestion!!

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i think buyers should leave feedback !
if a buyer evaluate a seller then the buyer is letting other buyers know his working experience ! it helps to find the best seller and buyer too.

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its not a violation when fiverr also reminds the buyer to leave a feedback.

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Well, if think it’s not violating any TOS, then go ahead and ask, request, demand or whatever your buyer to leave you a review.

Just one thing: DON’T come crying or ranting to the forum when Fiverr sends you a warning or you get banned.


may be not cause its over right the fiverr rules.

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Thanks a lot, my dear Friendz.