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Can I ask for client's personal info after the order is placed?

I wanted to ask that can I ask for client’s ■■■■■ for the better understanding and less miscommunication. Will that also violate fiverr’s TOS as the order is placed so there are no chances of outside payment? Only answer if you know this.


You are not allowed to ask your customer for his personal info, it is a violation of TOS in most cases. The only exception I can think of is if your Gig really requires the use of other communication tools.
For example if you have a Sk ype related gig like these■■■■■&source=top-bar&search_in=everywhere&search-autocomplete-original-term=■■■■■ you could do it. Then you would also need to have an existing order and only ask your customers to send contact details via the order page.


@uzairkath261Kindly make sure you study the Terms and Conditions well. It is NOT allowed to request for personal information on the platform. All communications and transactions should inherently be undergone through the site. Failure to adhere strictly with that would lead to receiving warnings from the CS department. Welldone )) :slightly_smiling_face:


Never try to do any outside payment with buyers , they will get chance to threatening you for free work by this anytime if they want .If you want to stay on fiverr for a long time, you need to comply fiverr clause .


I meant after the order has been placed on fiverr then can I get their contact for call?


Try keeping all communications within Fiverr platform, the TOS clearly states that.

Just know that you did it to yourself when you get banned while trying to contact clients off Fiverr.


Communication outside Fiverr is strictly forbidden and may result in a permanent ban.

It doesn’t matter whether that communication takes place before or after an order is in place.


Ohh okay, i got it. Thanks for your time pals


Its againt Fiveer TOS so Never do this


Well, I see a lot of inaccurate, half-assed replies, so here I am again.
I do have contact with buyers outside of Fiverr. I contacted support to be sure that I’m doing everything right so I won’t violate Fiverr’s terms of service and I would highly advise everybody who wants to do something similar to contact support as well.
I’m doing software development, so pretty often I get a request from a company owner to write some script and then they often prefer if I’d get into contact with them & one of their IT-Guys to make sure that everything works properly inside of their environment. Since Fiverr doesn’t offer group chat and delays your messages if you type something that has a bad word like e-mail or address in it, it’s horrible for that purpose. If you communicate in English your messages get delayed 1-20 minutes, if it’s some weird language like German it’s more like 6-10 hours.

What I had to do was:
Create a new gig. You have to say in the title (if possible) and description which tools you are going to use for communication. Also, you are not allowed to share contact details in inbox. That must happen on the order page. Make sure that your customer is aware of that. You should also write the name of the tool in the order description. I know, this is all pretty redundant, but better be safe than sorry.
And again, if you are going to do this: Contact Support before you start!
Here’s my gig so you can see how I solved it:■■■■■-call

This way is a little complicated and annoying, so you should be 100% positive that you would really benefit from doing it like that. Communication on Fiverr would probably be better and easier for most other sellers.


Absolutely this. It doesn’t make sense to rely on “forum information” in such things. I’ve dealt with this matter according to the infos I got from support, similarly but not exactly like Patrick. The guidelines that support uses might change over time, they might decide differently, depending on what, who, why, how, when. If it’s something that might violate the terms and could lead to account suspension, play it safe and go through support.

You’re a user of the platform, you pay 20% of the revenue you make, and part of that is for support, just ask them if you’re not clear about something and it’s important.

If you follow the advice of a forum user who personally got the clear for their gig because support agreed that the contact info exchange is necessary, it doesn’t automatically mean they’d agree that it’s needed for your gig.


But the support replies after the decade

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True, so better start writing your request now so you might get a reply within this decade!


It is the message that prevents miscommunication, not the medium. So no you cannot.


No. Fiverr wouldn’t let you break their ToS just because a buyer prompted you to after they order. That’s exactly how people would scam Fiverr.

No ToS becomes moot when an order becomes active. The ToS become active when the order becomes active…


No, you can’t do this.


No, You can not do it.


I don’t think so. Don’t think that’s allowed and anyways what does personal info has to do with your work.