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Can i ask for refund if the job has not been delivered as requested?

I have asked for a sample work from a seller (continuous technical blog writing) before committing she said that she cannot deliver a sample for free but i need to make a payment first to make sure im serious. And i did But my requirements were very clear and obvious and she didn’t deliver them as i wanted. I don’t want to keep on requesting modifications till she does the job correctly because time is of essence. Can i ask for refund?

It depends. If she delivered the job as specified in her gig description, then no you can’t request a refund. Refunds aren’t given if the buyer isn’t satisfied with the quality of the work (especially with writing where quality is subjective). But if she didn’t adhere to your instructions, then maybe you can get a refund. You can try asking her and see what she says. Just be polite and respectful and see if the two of you can work something out.

If you asked for the work which buyer has not followed you can ask for the refund. However, if the work done is almost what you want and then you just want to cancel for not asking to revise I guess that is not fair as nothing can be perfect by just one kick. You can ask for revision so you might get a better outcome if then buyer is not showing any change to meet your requirements then simply you can ask refund and he will have to accept.