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Can i ask from client for review?

Can I ask from client for Review on Fiverr or if he happy or like my work? Because i complete my order yesterday and he didn’t respond.


“Do not manipulate buyers to provide positive feedback.”

The above is from the following:

Asking for reviews could risk your account.

It is up to the buyer as to whether they leave a review or not.


But it’s my first order and he didn’t review :frowning:


You should read the TOS . You can not ask buyer for review … If the buyer want he/she will review your service.

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There have been many posts on the forum from sellers who got warnings for asking for a review.

Best just to move on.


Are you sure that wouldn’t specifically apply to asking for ‘5 stars’ - surely a reminder to prompt people to leave a review, without specifying the type or rating, isn’t a problem?

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I already asked to customer support and they answered that it’s agains TOS to ask ANY KIND of review


Buyer doesn’t have to leave a review. It’s up to them whether they want to do it or not.

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Even asking can get you in trouble.


Have you tried that ? … Then Can I ask for 4.9 star review ? :thinking:

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It doesnt matter. You don’t get a free pass to break the terms because a review would help you. Terms are terms. Period. Don’t fixate on things you can’t change and instead focus on improving your business.


When buyers accept order buyers get a page where fiverr ask to leave the feedback .And there is also a skip option .If buyers do not want then they can skip the feedback option … Then why you need to ask the buyer for review …


No, because that would still be asking for a positive review. It’s also not possible for a buyer to give a 4.9 star review. Though they could give a 4.7 star review (Fiverr’s average of 4,5,5).

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I contacted the CS recently about getting a few 4.7 reviews in a row. It happens every 6 months or so when I’ll have a bunch of those while the clients seem to be satisfied, with tips and all.

They told me I could ask the buyer “in an appropriate way” whether they’ve meant to leave such a review or if it was an accident/a glitch. I didn’t because I didn’t want to get an account strike.

But apparently, technically, CS and ToS are still fine with you asking for a review and discussing a review if you’re being “appropriate” and not asking for a specific number of stars or for a “good” review.

I still wouldn’t do it, though. Mentioning “review” to your buyer in any capacity is playing with fire even if the particular instance is in line with ToS.


I have asked @seowriter_hub . And I know that we can not ask buyers to leave review.

She told here that we can not ask for 5 star … Then I ask her if she tried for leaving review and can I ask 4.9 star … :wink:

And may be you haven’t read my previous comment . However She is not replying … :wink:

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Asking for someone to consider leaving you a review is one thing. Asking for a number of stars is another. It’s very unethical. Reviews should not be coerced because bias doesn’t help prospects. On the contrary, it misleads them.


Yea, you are completely right

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Can i ask buyer “If you like my work please do rate it and provide feedback” ?

No. Read the ToS.

Fiverr asks the buyer this anyway.

Please search your question before asking it. Wr have answered this same question hundreds of times at least.

It happens sometime dear bro…
Most of the buyers are new and they don’t even know how to accept offer and how to accept the delivered order. Don’t worry keep struggling.