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Can I ask my buyer for a feedback?

I have a client on fiver. I have done 3 orders with him but he do not give any review.
can i ask him for feedback?


I wouldn’t do that. It can be seen as manipulating the buyer to leave you feedback and that is a no-no and could get your account a warning.

Buyers are reminded after they get the order to review the service. There is no need for you to chase down a review.



WELL, but it was my 3rd order with him and day after tomorrow i will start the fourth order with him. So can i ask him by using words which do not voilate fiver Tos?

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Well, if you do decide to ask him for a review, however clever you may be, promise to not come to the forum complaining how you unfairly were given a warning on your Fiverr account OK?



Soon to see him here complaining :smiley:

There have been many posts on the forum where sellers have complained that they got a warning because they asked about a review.

Best just to leave it and move on.

Read this topic: Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said especially reply No. 42.

You can say something like “please let me know what you think!” when delivering the order. Never mention reviews or ask for them.


@adiikhan1 I have customers that I have completed way more than 4 orders for. They thank me in a message but do not leave reviews because they are in business and do not want others to know whom they buy from, what they buy and how often they buy from a seller.

Please do not mislead other sellers by giving them advice that will get them in trouble. This is a screenshot from the link that @lloydsolutions posted.


Very Simple. Don’t say give me a good review. Just say client Don’t forget to share your great experience.

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Just do what you can learn from Fiverr.

Thank you, I got it. I’ve deleted it from the reply-box.

Likely, your buyer wants to keep anonymity. 5r already asks several times therefore, it’s impossible to forget, he just doesn’t want to.

It’s not you. Repeat customer is a happy customer. Congrats. :slightly_smiling_face:


There are no such words. Asking for feedback isn’t allowed, no matter the words you use.

Do you really want to risk an account warning, plus losing a repeat buyer, by trying to get him to do something he obviously doesn’t want to do?

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FWIW - when that happened to me, I doubled the gig price with no comment. Next and subsequent orders, they left a nice review. Go figure.

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Yeah, don’t ask for a good review. Ask for a great one. :slight_smile:

(I’m kidding, don’t).


thank you so much for helping me

Funny how you thank the one guy who gave you terrible advice.

may be you are right. my client do the same thing thanks me in inbox ans ask me if you are free we have another one for you