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Can i ask my buyer to purchase the gig extra

HI. everyone
sometime buyers came and purchase only basic gig…and they did not purchase the source or vector files for their logo… as the source and vector files are necessary for printing…
can i send these type of message after completion the basic gig…

dear respected buyer , i highly recommend you to purchase the source and vector files of your logo.
Benefits of Source files !!!

These are the original files of your logo.if you wanna use your logo on B card,flyers,stationary,t-shirts etc. as they allow you to resize, re-edit your logo, logo get distorted when you zoom to larger sizes, but vector files do not loose their quality. kindly check Gig EXTRA for these files!!


no answere…? why…?

yes, you can explain the offer to him and if he agrees you can add a custom extra right from the gig page

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@daviddoer can i send some more offers…? like
" if you need business card or intro video then you also can contact me "
what’s about this message…?

yes sure, you can send more offers

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sending them offers unrelated to what they’ve asked for might be going overboard. However, sometimes I mention to a customer that I do other things to let them know, often its just conversationally, “usually I’m doing this sort of thing”. Sending the “custom gig” or “custom extra” is for when they’ve agreed that’s what they want.


thank you very much…

thank you very much… it will help me to enhance my business a step forward…

You “can” send this to a buyer. It might work or it might really upset the buyer. Personally, I wouldn’t risk it. I purchased quite a few gigs for design work and didn’t always buy the source files. Sometimes all I needed was an inexpensive .jpg.

If one of my buyers orders an article about widgets and they don’t order my extra for a stock photo of a widget, I assume they don’t need the photo. On the other hand, if they ordered the gig for widgets and said they wanted a photo, but they hadn’t ordered the extra, I would let them know that they would need the extra IF they really want the photo.

Pressuring buyers to buy something they haven’t mentioned could be seen as a form of spam.