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Can I ask my buyers for skype or any other account for discussion?

Can I ask my buyers for skype or any other account for discussion? Is this safe and as fiverr prevents words like pay etc what to do instead of this?

Why would you need to use anything other than Fiverr messaging? It would be against the ToS.


Suggest you read the Terms of Service which you will find at the bottom of the main page. Fiverr does not allow the sharing of contact details outside of Fiverr. Just have your discussion via the Fiverr messaging system.


Sometimes it takes time to explain or buyer doesn’t get things by message .

Also what about using terms like pay, money etc?

  1. Unusual but I suppose anything’s possible.
  2. Just don’t use them.

There is need like someone want to integrate Paypal in his website so fiverr starts showing not to use but its important coz what can I tell instead like Please provide you paypal (that) email so I can integrate :rofl::rofl:

You can’t use the word email either.

So you have to say:

Please can I have your p***** e**** ? He may think it’s something bad you are asking so
be prepared for that.

Banned words:

phone number

but if he gives you his paypal email he will get into trouble and your conversation will be examined. So ask customer support how to handle it.


when i start my fiverr journey, i got warning on the first day due to these words