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❓ Can I ask my buyers to rate an order?


Actually it’s a rhetorical question.

The answer is NOOOOOOOO!

I created this topic, because lately I’m seeing many sellers complaining they lost their accounts, and they don’t know why.

Honestly, I know that fiverr Terms of Service ( ) and Feedback Policy ( ) aren’t cleat enough about this. These only specify positive reviews, so I took a time to finally take this doubt out. If fiverr said you could ask reviews impartially, I would start doing this right now, because I would do what is possible to optimize my gig performance.

Here is the proof:
(I blurred the support guy name, as respect).


(yes, the support guy missed my name :expressionless:)

At the end, I suggested (we hope it happen) that fiverr team could UPDATE such ToS or Feedback Policy, in a way to make it 100% clear you CAN’T ASK REVIEWS.

I hope it’s clear for everyone. And if you are asking reviews (not matter how), I suggest to stop it right now, or you could lose your account too.

Thank you,


Good! I was worried! :laughing:

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Since the answer is within the post (and quite correct) the topic is closed to new comments. Contact Support if you have questions about this issue.