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Can i ask other designers for order me in low price? in privet messages?


i am looking for that designer who have a more order and willing to outsource there work to other designer. can i ask them in privet messages to order me in law price? or fiver consider it as a spam? or negative marketing? i hope people help me and i get my answer.


In few words, Don’t do that. Never!!!


it’s better not to do this…in my opinion


You’re only allowed to contact other sellers if you intend to buy from them. Any other kind of message is considered spam.

If you contact them begging them for work, you can (and most likely will) get your messaging disabled, or your account banned.


Thank you very much, for advice


I wouldn’t do this. Even if this wasn’t a breach of ToS, you get what you pay for. If you want to pay less, generally expect lower quality. Sellers choose their prices for a reason, and it’s not like they can scale their services and mark-them-up in price and automate the work in some way. So if they charge you less, they’re really just earning less – and that means Fiverr is earning less, too, so they wouldn’t allow that.


Thank you very much for advice