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Can i ask Other Sellers for Jobs

As a new seller on this platform, I want to be sure if I can send messages across to other sellers to ask them to give me jobs from their numerous orders so as to get reviews


Nope, don’t do it. You’ll most likely get reported.


Now when you report someone for spam or other inappropriate messages it looks like they are automatically blocked from sending you more messages. I was happy to see this today.


Oh, no… absolutely not. Why should a seller who has worked hard to earn the orders in his queue, give them away to another seller who isn’t willing to earn his?


Not that the seller is not willing to earn he’s

He just wants to build his reputation


How is a seller going to give you jobs? Pay you to do work for him? Why would anyone do that? Think about it. They would be spending more than they earn. They have absolutely no reason to give someone a job that they can do themselves.

This is possibly the most absurd thing I hear of on this site.

I know some sellers outsource jobs but they are not going to hire someone who messages them asking for work.


No, I’ve been here long enough to see it happen in person – I’ve had my share of “new sellers” beg me to give them some of my orders (I’ve even written about in the past here on the forums). I can guarantee you that those new “give me some of your work” sellers have absolutely no interest in earning their own orders, success or reputation. They want other people – usually more successful sellers – to do all the work for them, so that all they have to do is deliver something – anything – and make “easy money”.

That’s not how Fiverr works.


No! No! No. You’ll get a Term of Service Violation warning on your account and after three strikes, your’e out. Fiverr will kick you out.

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Please don’t. I hate that.

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