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Can I ask the buyer for giving me reviews?

Hey Fiverr forum Guys,
Can I ask the buyer for giving me reviews?
is this in under Fiverr policies?


please do not try this .

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You can use the word “honest feedback” OR “valuable feedback” instead of word “review”


It is the prerogative of a buyer as to whether or not they wish to leave a review.

Sellers have posted on the forum that they got a warning because they asked for a review or feedback.

Read this carefully: Asking for Reviews - This is what CS said

Best just to leave it and move on.


Nooooo, you cannot! :scream:
Specifically, read this comment I added to the thread. :wink:


No…Its against TOS of FIVERR

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Please don’t advise other users to do something that could get them in trouble.

You’re not allowed to ask for a review, no matter how you call it. If you do ask for it anyway, you can get an account warning.


Please do not try this.
It will effect your ranking.

Ok, But there should be a way to convince buyer to leave review because these are our assets.

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No, you should not ask a buyer for giving you a review

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You can tell to your client…if you really satisfied with my work and my work quality so that i hope you will give me the best feedback from your side.thanks

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Fiverr reminds buyers to leave a review, and they do it twice. If they still don’t leave a review, it’s because they don’t want to. Leaving a review is the buyer’s prerogative, not their duty.

If you do that, you risk getting an account warning, or getting banned.


I understand. I know how valuable good reviews are to a seller, especially a new seller. However, you can not say anything to convince your buyer to leave a review.

It is frustrating :confounded: to see that in this thread it has been said over, and over, and over that if a seller asks for a review, feedback or any other word that is asking for or hinting at a review they are putting their account in danger. Yet some posters argue the point or continue to give others BAD ADVICE! :scream_cat:

Why do posters continue to give bad :smiling_imp: advice to their fellow sellers on this issue.
:thinking: :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Customer Service said:

Any solicitation, manipulation, or just a comment on feedback may lead our relevant team to issue a warning to the user who made this statement.

@catwriter, maybe we should give up trying to convince those who argue and let them suffer the consequences of ignoring the information from CS and TOS. :roll_eyes:


:+1: :wink:

There are two ways for learning:

  • The easy way - through listening and following advice.
  • The hard way - experiencing in own flesh their own errors.

Many people love learning the hard way. Let them be.


After reading so many posts from people who ask these questions and then argue against good advice, I’ve come to this conclusion too.


It might be a good idea. It feels like we’re talking to a brick wall (or a bunch of brick walls), anyway. Perhaps an account warning will make them listen, and if not and they get themselves banned, we’ll only have to endure a bit of crying that they got banned for no reason, and then they’ll be gone.


banana plants sound appealing


Banana plants may be better listeners. :ear: :wink:


:hear_no_evil: can’t hear you… poof and gone!


I Don’t think so, It will be viloation of fiverr ToS. You can convince your client by qualtiy work.