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Can i attach two payment methods for withdrawal process

Hi, I hope you all are good.
I want to ask about the withdrawal processes. I attached my Payoneer account with Fiverr through the option “Fiverr revenue card” available on the Earnings page on Fiverr. I can see that there is another option “Bank Transfer.”

I am willing to know if I can attach my new Payoneer account through that option of “Bank Transfer.”? I contacted Payoneer support, they said my country is eligible for this.

Please let me know. ALso, kindly inform me if I attach new payoneer account through “Bank Transfer.” option, then it will dominate the already attached account which I attached through “Fiverr revenue card” option?

i will be happy to hear in detail from you.


Thanks for being outspoken!!
I have no idea, I think the customer support or the advanced sellers can help.

Okay. I am waiting for someone who can help me for this.

I do not have a Payoneer Revenue Card. But I have Payonerr direct deposit and PayPal. I have used both, but now that PP trasfer is free, I only use it.

Thank you so much for answer. Do you mean you have connected two payment ways Payonerr direct deposit and PayPal with Fiverr at same time?

PayPal and Payoneer are not connected. I can choose one or the other. However, Paypal no longer charges a transfer fee, so that is a win for me.