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Can I attend the meeting on Google Meet?

My buyer is requesting me to have a meeting with Google Meet. Can I attend the meeting?



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Thanks for your information

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Yes you can if its must to complete the order, I even have a video call option on some customers!

No You cannot!

That option is only available for some users and the whole video call is recorded by Fiverr to make sure you will not break the rules. So you cannot just meet on Google Meet.

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Yeah agree, i made mistake i was using fiverr chat option for call, not outside, I know the rules, just woke up after 26h straight editing :smiley:

It depends. But on the whole don’t meet outside Fiverr. Generally not allowed unless you have the video option in your order section, and this is a Fiverr link and is a zoom call. It is only given to Level 1, 2 or top sellers.

I wouldn’t risk it, but you could ask CS.