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Can I be promoted to level 1

Can I get level 1 if I have all the requirements good but days without warnings are 5/30 and my next evaluation is in next couple of days !


How will you get level one if you didn’t complete all requirements???
It’s clearly stated that you need to complete all of them.


Thank you ! Is it might get okay if it’s 0/30 I am wondering

No, it wouldn’t be. As she said, it is clearly stated that you need to meet all of the criteria to level up.

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Is it might get okay if it’s 0/30 I am wondering

No, it’s not. We’ve both told you this.


0/30 is seller never violated TOS right, then why is it not be fine to get a level !!Your replay is valuable for me

No it’s not right. It means that you spent 0 days without violation. 0 days without violations means that you just got a warning.

When you will have 30/30 that will mean that you spent all 30 days without a warning as per requirement.


Got it !Thank you mariash !

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No, 0/30 means you have violated TOS recently. You need 30/30

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I thought 0/30(what I have before my warning) I never violated… 4/30 or 5/30 is violated recently !!!and now I got to know 30/30 should what I need. . . Thanks for being on the discussion

All you need is to wait until the number goes up to 30/30. I don’t know why you would have 0/30 unless it was your first day or you broke TOS recently.

Bottom Line: You’re not getting promoted this month.

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Yes I am clear now graph

To be at Level One of Fiverr, you have to meet certain conditions that you may know. In addition, the level is given to those who fulfill the conditions on the 15th of every month. As far as i know But if you do something inappropriate it can cause to be level up. Thanks.