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Can I become LVL 2 Seller from New seller Directly

I am very glad to be a part of this very helpful forum. I am new seller and I have a question. My next evaluation date is 15/12/2019, now if I have all completed the requirements of Fiverr seller Level 2, then can I become LVL 2 seller directly from new seller

Thanks in Advance



I have not experienced this before but I think the requirements are there to upgrade anyone that meets it to the next level.

I think you should be upgraded


Hi! It’s not explicitly written down anywhere, as far as I know, but I don’t think so, the level page says “start climbing up the level system”, not skipping/jumping up :wink:

But it’s only 3 more days until you’ll find out, come back here and tell us! :slight_smile:


Lets Hope for the best!

Thanks! I hope So! :crossed_fingers:

You definitely wouldn’t get level 2 right away.
And as I remember it’s one of the requirements for level 2 is to complete at least 30 days as level one seller.


Nope, you’d have to go through step-by-step. So, your path would be:

New Seller > Level 1 > Level 2

Best of luck!


Thanks a lot for the information

I like to know how that goes…kindly come back to tell us in few days time…as said by miiila

Congratulations on your rapid up-movement :wink::+1:
Keep up the good work.

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You can’t unfortunately.

When I started on Fiverr 6 years ago almost I had more than enough sales to be a level 2 seller right away, but I was a level 1 seller first, then level 2.


You can only move up one level at a time.

Check this out:

If you Switch to Selling and then click Analytics you will find more information if you scroll to the bottom of the page.