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Can I bid (custom offer) with a different gig?


Because I was demoted to level 0, I had to pause a bunch of gigs, including my radio gig which wasn’t making enough money to justify keeping it active.

Today a long time radio client who loves my work, asked me for a custom offer for 3 radio commercials, and wrote $150 on the budget.

Is it OK if I use another gig to bid $150? I would hate losing $150 just because I paused a gig.


I’ve used custom quotes for things that were quite different from my gigs by just writing what I’m offering very clearly in the quote. The offers are always basically in the same category but the specifics might differ a lot. I mention in the quote that they should refer to the gig description for my standard policies on revisions and refunds so that there is a connection. I’ve never had any issues at all with that.

I have also made “catch all” gigs in both writing and virtual assistance categories when I’ve been working on a lot of gigs that were custom, but for me those gigs were always queue-limited to zero since I only used them for custom stuff. I got tired of using up a slot for them, but it’s an alternative if you get worried and can spare a place. I think you’d be fine, though, especially with a long-time client.


Thanks for letting me know. I used to have a catch all gig, with a price set up $50 to avoid orders, but then I deleted it.

I feel guilty about bidding a radio project with a Google ad gig. If I get a 5-star review, my clients will think it was for my Google writing and not for my radio writing. I hope Fiverr doesn’t have an issue with that. I do my utmost to follow the rules, but sometimes things aren’t so black and white.

Of course, what I could have done was pause one of my gigs and activate the radio gig. I didn’t think of that then, and even now I would be concerned about pausing gigs with good traffic and stats.

The good news is all my analytics are great now, 95% completion rate, so hopefully I’ll recover my level 1 in no time.