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Can I block a buyer?


Hello! I am not sure this goes here, though. If it does not, I’m sorry. Sooo, I have this customer of mine who always orders cheap translations. She never exceeded the words for the price, but she did order something I could’t really do once: a translation from a language I don’t know. Besides, she once ordered a translation to do in 9 hours span, which I barely could do because it already was night time. Now she just wanted it done big but cheap, she didn’t even count the words, she “thought we had a special deal”. The thing is: can I block her so she can’t order without asking me first as she always did, but this time just to mess with me? She is the only one I had a cancellation with for the reasons I stated above. Thanks.


we are people waiting for buyers to get orders.
and you wanna block your buyer.
aah what a luck of your.


Blocking for this only… Have you tried to explain this to her before? Communication is the basis for understanding between people.


Let’s see people. I actually state that a buyer should contact me before he/she orders.I did talk to her about it the first time she did. I never spoke to her about a special agreement where she would pay me the same amount for 500 words than for 1500. We don’t live in the same timezone but she doesn’t seem to care.
I also suspect she is actually reselling the translations as they are official documents, of different people each time, and she knows both languages I translate them to and from. I guess she wants to save time and gain more money, making me lose my time. I got another work and this is an extra boost, not the main income source, and even if it was, are you guys willing to waste your time on something like this when you have better paying projects? I guess I would do it as my first gig, but this woman is shady and I just don’t care. I already told her, by the way.
What I can’t understand is people thinking we should work for nothing, both buyers and sellers. It’s just mindblowing. You could use that time trying to find a better paying job, or to improve your skills.


sort of i have some experience like this
what i do i just state that i can’t do the project, and goes to ressolve


I’ve blocked before a few people - but I have no idea if it works 4 making new orders

Anyway, can be helpful

messages ==> report link (choose ur option)


I have the same situation with you before and worse. The buyer ordered the gig, but my gig is clearly stated $5 for 300 words. But she sent me a 2000 words document, I forced to cancel the order. And I realized some buyer like to cancel order to get free works, happened on me twice. Because as a bilingual speaker, I can notice easily the translation tool can’t translate a native Chinese, but he keep accusing me for using translation tool, keep rejecting order until I can’t stand it anymore. Fiverr support said they can’t do anything too as the buyer was not satisfy and keep rejecting, at the end I have to cancel a job I delivered without receiving my paid for $30.