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Can I block a potential "buyer" just because they were rude? -UPDATED

So, someone messaged me asking for samples. Just “Send me samples” kind of thing, nothing else.

I, of course have my own written samples that I happily share with clients but since I have been almost scammed by someone trying to steal my samples and use them for their own gain, I often request that we have a simple conversation and have a few questions of my own that need to be answered anyways before I start writing the Children’s book. Mind you, I have completed over 800 orders and this is the first time I have ever been “questioned” about my trustworthiness. Maybe I am tired (it’s midnight here) or maybe I am just tired of being treated like a pile of :poop:

Anyways, am I overreacting or does is this guy/gal?
The first message they sent was to see my samples and NDA.
Then shown is my response, and then theirs. I don’t like feeling like I did something wrong. I blocked them because the conversation was escalating and I was afraid they’d only grow meaner if I responded back.


A) You are NOT overreacting B) Phew, you dodged one there!

Can you imagine working with that buyer?!?!? You are fine, and do great work. Nothing you said was wrong, and in no way warranted that.

Now go to bed lol


While they did seem to over react, your gig mentions that people can ask for both samples and your ghost writing agreement so it isn’t surprising that people would ask for them.


I would instantly click on report and “don’t want this buyer to contact me again”

I wouldn’t even reply anymore. Someone surely had a bad day. :roll_eyes:


I thought of that too. Maybe the customer wanted to review those samples, and took it as a ‘bait and switch’ type of thing when his reply was not the 2 samples.

It seems like this customer had “possibly getting scammed” on the brain (Maybe they were scammed before?)


Yes! I always give it to them. Honestly, normally I just send them right over but for some reason I was a little hesitant today by the way his first message was. I can see how maybe I could have worded it differently? But I don’t know how I would have changed it.

99.9% of the time clients don’t have a problem answering those questions first anyways for the ones I do ask. I really do need to know those questions though, and I didn’t ask him anything about his story plot like I was trying to be sneaky. They were honest formatting questions!


Don’t blame yourself. You didn’t tell him straight out “No”. All you did was open a conversation to get to know the buyers overall needs. You were polite and professional in your approach but the reply you got was quite agressive. There is no need for that.


What if you just asked for the “Rhyming or Non-Rhyming” and the age group before the samples are sent so that you could send the most relevant sample(s)?

You could also send the sample text as an image (which could have a watermark) if you needed it to be less likely to be stolen and re-used. Though I’m not sure whether that would be best for the buyers.


A) Whew, ok. It’s not just me.
B) Honestly, if he would have just explained to me his discomfort in a different I would have sent them over right away because the last thing I want to do is start off on a bad foot with a potential client.

Yet I think this was a blessing in disguise because I don’t work well at all with conflict. I write Children’s books about jumping in dandelion fields and teddy bears, the last thing I need is a negative buyer trying to ruin my happy bubbly mojo.

And yes, I am going to bed as soon as I respond my new messages so my response rate goes down while simultaneously maintaining good communication with my current orders in my queue. Yes, bedtime. Soon… :see_no_evil::four_leaf_clover::joy:


Don’t get me wrong, your instinct is probably a better judge anyway.
Maybe UK’s idea there is an option too. Anyway, I suspect you didn’t lose out on a good experience there.


You know, a watermark image is a good idea. It might save me a lot of time and it might be easier for the clients to open as well instead of a PDF.

Thank you! :four_leaf_clover::green_heart:


Although I state on my gig for buyers to contact me for previous work, I always ask them to provide me with a brief of their project so that I can be sure they are serious and not a hidden * trying to copy ones work.


You were right to listen to your inner voice. This person bullied you.

There was no reason at all for anyone to be so rude to you.

I didn’t read your gig description but if you offer to send samples and don’t (based on the person you are dealing with in this case which is understandable) you might want to consider revising that somehow. But there is no excuse for his rudeness. I’m sorry you were subjected to that.


You did the right thing. I should have done that so many times when I first joined Fiverr, and lived to regret it. These days when someone is rude like that I do just what you did. If we are already in a project together I finish it as professionally as I would for anyone else, then I block them. You get to decide how and under what conditions you share samples of your work. Don’t compromise that.


No but I am glad you mentioned his perspective too, I was hoping someone would respond with at least a defense for him because I do want to make sure I didn’t do anything to provoke him.

You helped me see his point of view in a much nicer way.
I can see how maybe if he had the mindset of the scam that my message really was a “scam” to him.

When clients message me with “Hello, I am looking for a writer for my story about “this and that” or even just a children’s book etc.” I send the samples right over, but when they start off by just saying “I want to see your NDA, a story and samples.” I also get the “scam” feeling. Haha.


It’s important not to try to work with someone with open hostility or aggression from the first message.


Yes! I was thinking about modifying my gig a little after Eoinfinnegan mentioned it.
So maybe in the FAQ where I mention I have samples I can write (Yes, and then just give a small explanation that they are personal samples so I prefer contact beforehand so we can build up a strong foundation or communication etc.)?

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It needs to be carefully worded. “I share samples after we have had a chance to determine your requirements.”


Oh my goodness you are the word master! I guess I was thinking I needed to draw out an explanation about why but I mean, really what you stated is exactly it, and just cut right to the chase. Thankyou so much.


I find the use of the words “Power Play” comical. I bet it was a dude. :roll_eyes: I’ve heard those words before. These types (not all men) simply cannot stand a strong woman who controls/steers her ship :ship: the way she sees fit. It chomps their ego down to size!

The person also mentioned ignoring a request?

Also, consider using a gig image slot to go over your samples policy.

Anyway, here’s a hug chica. :heart: :hugs: