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Can I block a user directly?Please help!

There is a buyer, and he has placed an order of $35, but the requirements he asked are far away from that, maybe would worth about $350 actually. I do photo editing, and at first we both agreed on doing 8 photos max, but he asked for new photos again and again, so far I have done almost 40 pics for him and I only charge $35 which normally I only do 7 pics for this price. At our conversation, I kept telling him that it’s our last final version, but he didn’t agree, and kept send me all brand-new photos for me to do! New photos! Not ones to modify! Even now the time is over, he still kept asking me to do free photos for him, for another 30 pics within 24 hrs. In that case, it would add up to around 60~70 pics in all for free charge, but we have agreed on only 8 max. What if he kept doing this forever? Then I have to deliver the work for him again and again to prevent the countdown to the end. This is so unfair, and he is really bad because he is not willing to add extra money but keeping ask for revision on the page with all new work! So my question is, I want to block this buyer, but I am afraid he would leave a bad review on my seller’s page on purpose, so what is the best way to help me solve that question? Thanks!

And now the countdown is over, I have thought he can not ask for a revison again. But he extend the time on buyer’s page, and now the order is back to countdown, and “in revision”, the comment he left is again all brand-new pics wanting me to do those for free… I am really helpless… What should I do? :sob:


You don’t have to continually accept revisions on your order. If you have delivered the requirements of the order and there are no more free revisions left you can rightfully ask for more money in the order (the best option) or contest the delivery through the resolution centre.


Maybe the best thing for you to do is to cancel the order throught resolution center:


Cancelling should be the last resort, first try to resolve the situation by offering a gig extra for the other images for an additional cost. If they don’t want to do this contact CS, if you have clearly delivered what was required and they refuse the delivery multiple times there should be no reason to cancel.

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But if I cancel the order, is he still able to leave a review on my page?

No, he won’t be able to.

If he doesn’t agree to cancel, contact Customer Support, explain the reason why you wanna cancel and ask them to cancel it.

I do have some sympathy as I know this will be stressful for you.

But you failed to control the situation.

Why on earth have you done 40 photos for him when you agreed on 8?

Look, he is clearly an utter scammer. The moment he recognised that you were willing to do extra work for no money, he continually came back to rob you time and time again. And that’s what he’s done - he’s robbed you of your time, skills, money and dignity.

Don’t do anymore work for him. Contact customer support and explain that you have completed the original work and that the buyer is continually requesting more work above the original agreement.

Do not do any more work for this buyer.


Yes, I have discussed with the buyer for extra cost, but he refused to do that and even said it was our fault for not providing the best work for him, so he would continue asking for new pics. I have contacted CS, but still no reply, and the countdown he set is almost there, so I come to here for help.

Now you have contacted CS leave that order page alone. Wait for a reply from them. Waiting times are quite long at the moment but even if the order is late, just leave it. Don’t fuel an already burning fire.

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First of all, you really need to remove unlimited revisions from your gigs. That attracts this type of buyers. 1-2 is enough for most people to get it right.
If you had limited number of revisions, they wouldn’t be able to avoid marking the order complete atleast.

But as of now, your only hope is resolution center it seems. Additional photos are not “revisions”, so I think they would side with you. Getting a reply from them might take a while, but you will hear from them eventually, don’t worry.

Don’t be too afraid of one bad review. You have enough good ones, so it won’t be affecting new buyers too much, and you can reply to it with your side of the story.

Hope your situation will get resolved.


AH the unlimited revision trap. Yep, you’ll get no help from CS if you have unlimited revisions, there’s your error. I’d cancel now, knowing that. Take the hit, change unlimited revision to 1 or 2 and take it as a learning experience.

I’ve had a quick look at your profile. You’re a good seller with some great feedback.

Customer Support will hopefully recognise that you’ve been scammed and want to help you. About three years ago when I had a bad scammer experience, Fiverr CS removed their poor feedback. It’s unusual but they can do it. Hang on to this hope.

However, please, please, please remove the phrase ‘unlimited revisions’. This is like a goldmine of opportunity to scammers. Most buyers are good people to work with, but for the handful of scammers / idiots who choose to abuse - unlimited means exactly that. There will be no finite point at which they stop coming back to abuse you.


I think the op should still go through customer support as he has stated that the additional photos weren’t revisions, they were new / different photos.

So yes, while I agree that offering unlimited revisions is never a good idea, the op should be able to demonstrate that he completed the original work, but he was then bullied into taking on new work for no more money.

I don’t think it’s a cut and dry case, but I certainly wouldn’t give up yet.

Definitely give CS a go. But don’t get any hopes up about it. I agree try whatever you can. But be prepared to cancel.

I have applied for cancelling the order, I have thought the buyer may not accept that since he is still asking for more work, but to my surprise, the moment I asked for cancelling, it succeeded. So this man must be a real scammer! I really feel very appreciated for all of you! You have helped me a lot by offering some many good advices! Thanks all of you again! Love you all!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:I definetely have learnt a lesson from this!!


yeah, if the buyer was asking for little revision after little revision, then he’d be boned, but asking for this many extra photos for free is out of order. you’ve told him to stop, he hasn’t, don’t do any more work, just let it sit in revision and contact customer service

though i’ve never heard it being done before, i don’t think they should cancel but should force the buyer to accept in this instance. after all that why should you lose out on your promised $35. i think if the order page is like a contract, that you’ve completed your side and should be fine, unless he decided to pull a fast one request unlimited revisions on the original 7 photos

I personally think Fiverr should do away with the unlimited revisions option altogether, limit the number of free revisions to 10.

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Just have few points to you gigs.

  1. Remove unapproved URLs from your gig descriptions. Check list of approved one´s in Seller´s FAQ.

  2. Why do you declare “100% satisfaction guaranteed” in your gigs?

  3. Why do you declare “100% refund if you are not satisfied” in your gigs?

  4. Why do you offer “unlimited revisions”?

+2) + 3) +4) will give you answer why you ask for help in forum now.

You offer Buyers comfortable game to play with you. It must be so tempting for some Buyers to try it at least.


i think they should refine what unlimited revisions means. first of all, when an order is complete, that should mean that the work is yours and any surplus revisions end there, like unlimited refills in a restaurant. and those revisions should be within reason in relation to the original order

i always make a list of requirements, like

  1. grey lemur without stripy tail (crowned)
  2. orange ass
  3. walks on the name “tiako”, ect

and also number any revisions as r1, r2, r3 when 90% of my original requests are inevitably ignored, that way i can easily refer to things and it seems to work. but if i wanted to swap the lemur for a cement mixer, then to change the name from tiako films to hardcore picture, that is not a revision, that is a very naughty boy

99% of new sellers seem to offer unlimited revisions for $5, because they don’t know what it means, which just stinks of exploitation. as a buyer, even i think that the policy regarding unlimited revisions is bloody ridiculous. if the buyer notices something like plagiarism after the effect or something, then they should contact CS, otherwise once the orders completed that should be the end of the relationship

a limit of 10 revisions might be an easy fix, when you get to the point where you’re on your 10th revision that would be a capital time to assess the situation anyway

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