Can I block a user from sending me messages?


I have this buyer who won’t stop sending offensive messages to me. I’d like to know, besides flagging the message as inappropriate, is there a way I can actually block this person, so that I don’t receive any more messages from them?


Yes you can Just report the user see attached screen shot :slight_smile:


Thanks man, but I really don’t think this blocks the user. I’ve used this feature before and nothing seemed to happen.@zubigraphics


I think Fiverr removed the blocking option from inbox :grin:


Oh, I tried it already. It worked. Thanks a lot @zubigraphics



Take screenshots of the foolery and submit a request to Customer Support. Let them know you do not wish to be contacted by this buyer again. A spankin’ from T & S should work!

These lonely fools think it’s ok to hit on sellers. News flash this is not a dating site!


Welcome dear faith_akano :slight_smile:


Thanks, Nika.
The buyer wanted to chat, as I have a gig for chatting. Before placing the order, we were clear with each other that I don’t offer sex chat or anything like that. Got in the middle of chatting with this buyer and he started requesting obscene stuff. I wouldn’t oblige him and now he wants to cancel after starting up the chat. It’s so annoying. The fact that he thinks he played on my intelligence makes this all annoying. Now he’s threatening to deal with me on social media, saying he found all my social media accounts. This is really going too far. This guy seems like some psychopath to me @nikavoice


Sure you can,block is the next step of flag/report :slight_smile:


report to customer care with the screenshot


Oh, gosh! This is absolutely disgusting, I’m so sorry you have to deal with this twisted garbage. The terms of service, which he agreed to clearly outlines: Adult oriented services, Pornographic, Inappropriate/Obscene is a violation of TOS. If you haven’t yet… Add a highlighted line in your gig description to combat weeding out the undesirables. By the way, are you chatting via Skype or through the Fiverr messaging system? Also, voice chat or just text chat?


It’s Skype @nikavoice video and text. I thought about the highlight too. I’ll do that now


What is “FEET CHAT”? It sounds like sex talk for foot fetishists.

Also, do you have Fiverr’s permission to use Skype and WhatsApp?

Sorry about going off-topic, I’m just pointing out stuff that might give the wrong impression, or get you in trouble.


Okay, If I were you and to get a better peace of mind. Getting this kind of gig approved by the Editorial Team beforehand is always your best bet. Once approved take a screenshot of the dialog, in case an issue arise in the near future.


I just made a gig cover for FEET CHAT.


@catwriter you don’t get to talk when you do a feet chat. All you get to do is just show your feet in the video. I need not say anything that jeopardizes my stand on “no sex or vulgar chat” when feet chatting. By the way, Fiverr says to not use these other platforms for communication EXCEPT IT IS NEEDED AS PART OF THE SERVICE.


Thanks @nikavoice I’ll ask support


True, but it’s best to get their permission first, just to be on the safe side.

Thank you for explaining what’s a feet chat.


ROTFLMAO watch the foot peeps will be here shortly. Smokin’ HOT fungus!


Then I have a gig that they will love!