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Can I Block an unwanted Buyer?

I have a buyer who ordered two gigs then refused to pay for rest of the gigs their project required to complete. They left negative feedback but have now agreed to remove it if I give them a mutual cancellation.

Since this Buyer has proven they either can’t or don’t care to read instructions is there a way to Block them from placing future orders with me? I just don’t need their hassles or them do additional damage to my cancellation rating.

yes you can. You can report their messages on your inbox or orders. By doing this, they won’t be able to contact you anymore. You can also let them know that you wouldn’t want to further the project with them in future and contact the CS about this.

Reply to @jasveena: How do you report message from inbox? I don’t see that option

Reply to @artportraits: when you are viewing their message from inbox, hover over the bottom right hand corner of the text message box and an option to report them with their message will appear. It can only be seen when you move your mouse to that corner. once you report, the buyer can’t send you any more message. And you should also report to CS if you want to prevent any orders from them in future.

Reply to @jasveena: Thanks for the info, of course I’m aware that this should be used sparingly. I only did this once, that’s to a buyer who’s harassing me for more than what is deliverable he paid for. Actually he got more than when I owe him but that’s a long story :slight_smile: thanks again for the tip :slight_smile:

Reply to @artportraits: you are very welcome!

Reply to @jasveena: That’s great to know, thanks from me too - though I hope I never have to use it!

Reply to @marsch001: No problem. I had to ask a TRS, Bachas85 who taught me this when I had an issue with a buyer. :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: Especially if, if there’s a buyer who is so bad you actually go to the trouble of blocking them, they are probably also the type to retaliate - I can just see the cancellation rate going up.

Reply to @jasveena: I don’t see it in the bottom right hand corner. It’s not working for me…

@jasveena @bachas85 Thanks for the info. I just wish I could also block them from ordering which is what I really want.

Reply to @bachas85: thanks for replying on my behalf :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: :frowning: Sucky. How could they not do anything to help, when clearly it was not your fault?

I agree there should be a way to keep people from buying. When people do not read the gig instructions and I am honest enough to advise them that I do not want to take their money because I can not help with what they’re asking I feel I should be able to do so without being penalized.

My gig instructions say, “Contact me before buying.” I write papers and do online classes for people and sometimes they want WAY more than $5 can pay for! So at that point, when they buy the gig, they rope me into doing it for them! Totally stinks!

I do see Fiverr growing A LOT in the future, but still keeping things simple and basic for us all to use and understand. I’m sure this will be updated soon enough.

As jasveena describe the method, it’s not working, I have made 3-4 time, but after few hours buyer can contact you.

Reply to @artportraits:, once you are logged in you can submit a support ticket. Fiverr responds between 2-4 days.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: I did and they responded favorably.