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Can I buy from sellers in same niches with me

Just thinking if buying from another seller some of the gig I offer is against site term and regulation.
That is to say a seller offering logo gig buying logo from another seller …


No, I think, this is not against Fiverr terms of service.
You can buy any gig with your Seller account.:slightly_smiling_face:


There is no specific regulation for this use-case, but if I’d have a logo design gig and another seller in my niche (who also has a logo design gig) ordered my gig, I’d be very suspicious and wary about working with them - so I’d ask them a lot of questions to make sure I’m not entering the twilight zone.

Also, knowing that in the past some sellers used to create multiple accounts with similar gigs and ordered from themselves and their own accounts to create reviews on their own gigs, I’d also be wary working with them to avoid Fiverr thinking I’m engaging in suspicious activities :grimacing:

I’d honestly ask CS about this, just to be on the safe side, especially if the gigs are very similar.

P.S. although I do know of sellers who are swamped in orders and delegate part of their work to other sellers offering similar gigs

P.P.S. also, maybe a seller’s logo gig offers minimalist design, but that seller wants to buy a 3D logo that they cannot do themselves, which would make it a valid use-case :wink:


Basically you want to be a reseller? I think that is fine, but ethically I would suggest to tell the other buyer that you will sell their work!


Good to hear you all coming up with different scenarios and the legality involved. Thanks will consider all the point raised, should I need to do something like that.


I agree and will not do it. I do not recommend you do it and wonder why you would consider it. Is it to be a reseller? That seems to me to be harder than you would think.


If you’re asking to be a reseller - that just seems like a bad idea. Will you be paying for the copyright? Then you have to add that into the price of your resale. If you don’t pay for the rights to the image then you open yourself up to legal recourse.

As for other categories - I’ve had other VO artists order from me before (it’s always been a man who needs a woman’s voice for their own business voicemails or videos) and it hasn’t been a problem because it’s clear what it’s being used for and they aren’t passing it off as their own work. (note: the people who have done this have messaged me ahead of time and demonstrated how my voice would be used to provide trust/peace of mind)


While I’m not going to advise for or against it, reselling and outsourcing is actually common on Fiverr. The real problem is only with potential for it to look like review manipulation. As long as a real product is exchanged, this technically shouldn’t be an issue, but all the comments in this thread are worth considering.


In the past two weeks I’ve had two sellers in my category try to buy a gig of mine that they sell themselves and appear to be copies of mine, asking a lot of questions about how it works. :imp: Both were reluctant and upset when I asked to cancel. I feel bad for anyone who orders from their gigs because here is what they get >>> :poop:


Unfortunately that appears to be the most used scenario for same-gig-type purchasing - spies & copycats :confused:


In addition to what others have said, respect your chosen seller’s terms (their prices, delivery times, the number of revisions that they offer). Don’t try to manipulate them into lowering their prices or speeding up the delivery (unless you’re willing to pay for faster delivery), and if you need more revisions than they offer, pay for them.

I’m not saying that you intended to do any of those things, it’s just something that some people do. Please don’t be one of them.


I think It depends, as because sometimes we couldnt do some task where other seller from same category can do that.


In the past I got some requests from sellers with the same gig.
There were two types.

  1. Those who failed delivering and couldn’t live up to their promises and the resulting request for modification.
  2. Those who actually hire a lot of other sellers in their niche in order to do some arbitrage deals.

I don’t get this kind of requests anymore because I’m the most expensive one.


Actually another seller bought from me…that is why I am asking…

what funny to me is how you expensive and you are among those once that peoples cannot rush to.:joy:

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