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Can I buy my own gig


What if someone start buying his/her own gigs and post positive reviews. If fiverr does not allow to do this by one profile, someone can create other one and have same Paypal a/c or own one more for payment. I was just Thinking about this possibility of this kind of tricks because I am not getting tons of orders and many other graphic designers do. However I am good at my niche and didn’t get any negative feedback yet. It seems something is going wrong on fiverr or may be not. :slight_smile:


It’s against Fiverr’s TOS to have more than one account. If caught, you could be booted from the system altogether.

If you’re not getting orders, consider seeing if there are issues - spelling, grammar or any other things - wrong with the gig.

Then, PROMOTE outside of Fiverr, as often as you can to spread the word about your gigs.

You may be good at what you don’t but you need to stand out among the best. Your niche - like mine - is loaded with talented people. Word yourself in a way that makes you better than them… that makes prospective buyers not want to go elsewhere. Show samples of work you have done, if you can.

And, again PROMOTE!


You may want to consider changing your gig photo on your business card gig. It’s dark, and not especially eye-catching. The third one in your gallery, the white/red Fiverr example is much brighter. Not sure if it will help if you change it, it’s just my impression at first glance. Best of luck!



Thank you!!