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Can I buy same niche gig from seller

I want to buy one gig from another seller, But, the point is that, the seller also has the same niche, Is it fine to buy gig? Or it is against TOS?

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There are loads of resellers on this platform letting other people do their job. I don’t think it’s against the TOS.

Thanks for information, :slight_smile:

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you can buy no problem…

I also thinking same, but, my one friend told me it is against TOS, so, I get confused, Thank you so much for reply on my post :slight_smile:

if you really need his/her service then it’s ok but if both of try to exchange review then it’s against fiverr TOS and then fiverr can disable your account

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I don’t see why it would be against the TOS, Fiverr is making even more profit through that. Like, let’s say I get a big order and I give some of my work to other people in the same niche. When these people deliver their work to me, fiverr gets 20% and then when I deliver my work to the actual customer, fiverr gets another 20%. It wouldn’t surprise me if fiverr wouldn’t complain about that.


I do not have any exchange review attention just as buyer, :slight_smile:

Thanks, dear, Now, am tension free, thank again, have nice day