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Can I buy samething that I sell?


Is it ok to buy same service that we are selling?


If you mean to buy from another seller the same services you provide, I think you may be reselling your services. You may be overloaded or you can’t finish the task. I never have done it, I suppose you can do it, but be sure to let the seller know that you are reselling the service, and ask him/her before ordering. Truth and honesty are the key to a healhty business.


So long as you’re not doing it to jeopardise a competitor in any way, yes, you can buy from whichever other seller you want. :slightly_smiling_face:


One seller ordered my gig ( he also selling that service) and threaten me to cancel the order after delivery. That’s the reason for this topic. @offlinehelpers I’m not doing it.


It’s not against the ToS to buy a similar service to the one you’re selling.

Sounds like a case for CS. :wink:


If you delivered your work as agreed, he must pay for the service he ordered. Contact CS as @offlinehelpers suggested.



Did he give you a legitimate reason for cancelling?

Grr and he should know better that a cxl will affect your account. :rage:

Sounds like a competitor trying to screw you over.


He tried to contact me outside fiverr. :joy::joy: I contacted cs.


Smart idea contacting Support.


This is clearly somebody who wants to damage the reputation of his competitors. You should absolutely report him.

In all other cases it is OK to buy and resell services.


If I order a service from someone and after received the service, do not review, its possible to see that i have ordered?


Nope - you’ll be invisible! :ghost:


He threatened me to cancel the order again and again. This is headache. What should I do? My cancellation rate is little bit high. 9%


Pass it all on to CS Andrea - it sounds as if it’s deliberate. :frowning:


Already contacted cs. Helpless situation. They cannot do anything. As a experienced seller in fiverr give me advice. What will you do IF YOU FACE THIS SITUATION?


You could just keep refusing to cancel if you’ve done the work - I don’t know how long you’re allowed to keep that up mind you.

It is so unfair that in a situation like this that the cancellation will count against you, and you can’t get any help.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. :crossed_fingers:


Ok. Thank you!:cry::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:


just refused the cancellation and wait for a moments ,


I refuse cancellation. He requested a mutual cancellation. I declined it. But he send cancellation requests again and again. Now this become a headache for me.


just refused the cancellation and wait for a moment, there is a key called spam if he or she treated you then you also can mark him or her as spam, just tell it to him or her as a warning