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Can I buy someone's voice-over to use to promote my Fiverr gig?

I want to have a powerful video to promote my gig, but I don’t have a powerful voice to speak with in the video. Is it OK to pay someone for their voice-over services to have them be the voice in my gig’s video? I assume it is fine, but I could be very wrong.

I’d be the one editing the whole video together, just not doing the voice.


Hi @matttypes, I would love to help you on this! I have a young and inspiring European voice which can strike interest in your future clients. :nerd_face:


I’m not sure, it might be a no because buyers might assume it’s your voice which could be labelled as misleading in some cases.

What I do know is that since a while it’s not okay for sellers to offer gigs like writing other seller’s gig descriptions, that’s similar, so maybe it’s better to ask support before investing in a VO gig (and also potentially making the seller cancel it, potentially leading to dropping rates for them).
If you ask, do update what they say, I’m sure others might benefit from this thread.


Yes you can also buy gigs to improve your gigs, I personally bought gigs to improve my gigs.


That was in the past, the rules have changed a few times since then. It’s best to ask Customer Support first, as @miiila suggested.


Of course ,you can buy voice-over for promote your gig.


@mahmuda_keya Please read the whole thread before you give advice that could cause the OP to get into trouble. :wink:


Can I get any update on it. Like how it could be beneficial to buy other person’s gig.

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What do you mean by “update”?

The same way it’s beneficial to buy anything, I suppose. You buy what you need. Like you’re hungry, and buy food, and don’t go around asking how it could be beneficial to buy food.

It can also be useful to see what the buying process looks from the buyer’s side.

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Good job!
Carry on bro

Only with their consent, I would imagine.

I’d be more than happy to help you with a voice-over to promote your gig if you still need some help. Check out my demos on my profile.