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Can I Buy Something From Fiverr?


Hello Guys,
I’ve a question, can i buy something from my buyers or any other?


You can, as long as it will not be a fraudulent buy: meaning to give/take good reviews for fake work


Yeah sure. You can buy any thing from fiverr.


yes, you can buy :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes you can buy any service form fiverr.


@wuerz123 What You Mean By “give/take good reviews for fake work”.


Yes, You can :sunglasses: :sunglasses:


By the sentence “give/take good reviews for fake work,” he tried to understand you that there are some sellers who want to get their ID higher to boost their sales especially the new sellers. But it’s not easy for a beginner so contacting with a buyers(priorly known), they pursuade him to order any of the gigs just to provide a good reviews and a 5 star rating point although the sellers don’t need to upload any original file. They deliver just a fake content in exchange of money. That’s the definition of your query.

This is the strong violation of ToS of Fiverr and those sellers should be banned.