Can I cancel my order now?


I learned and built my own WIX web Site last year in a few days and I know nothing about building web sites, but it functions. I needed to have some updates, need to make sure it displays properly for PC and MAC and smart devices, add a page, SEO, create a Shout Out to link to the new page, etc. The gentlemen I selected has nice looking web sites in his portfolio, fluent english and he’s supposedly Level 2.

I sent him detailed notes and a word doc with all the new information. So far he’s not completed anything to my satisfaction and done some really dumb things like adding my name above where my name already appeared using a completely different font. Added a ShoutOUt page named ShoutOut on my page, apparently he’s viewing word doc with marks up on of which appears in the web new page, no formatting of text an no attempt to make it readable. He’s also uploading to my domain without my review or approval therefore over writing my original fully functional web site replacing it with incomplete work.

I have a bad feeling about this. Can I cancel my order?


You can surely choose to propose cancellation via “Mutual Cancellation”.

However, have you voiced your concerns with your seller? Have you asked him why he is doing what he is doing?


Yes, 3 times now and twice I’ve instructed him not to post to my domain without my review and approval and even explained how to do that, then he post the next day with incomplete and unprofessional work. His last response was 2 days ago was “lets work on one thing at a time” so I said OK, show me the Shout Out I need and all the info is in the word doc. Have not heard anything further. The order started last week, he was going to complete in 5 days and the first of the simplest has not been completed.


He is listed as being fluent in english but the way he writes indicatesI he may speak english, but not able to read or comprehend.


Customer Support’s stance on cancellations as far as I´m aware, seems to be something along the lines of ‘work it out among yourselves if possible, before you come to us’, and as you´ll understand it´s always difficult to say much on this kind of posts on the forum, as we only get to hear one side. However the option to request a cancellation from your seller via the ‘Resolution Center’ button is there as well as the option to open a ticket with CS, if you can´t sort it out with your seller or he won´t accept your cancellation request. So you surely can, if you should is another question and really up to you.
If you do ask for a cancellation, don´t forget to revoke his access to your site, just to be on the safe side. Sorry in advance if that´s self-evident to you, but forum reading shows it´s not self-evident to everyone.


Yes, you can cancel the order.


Thank you for the replies and I intend to give another day or so but so far the results are disastrous and I have not received any further work the past few days.

I’m a reasonable person with many years in the creative services business and have owned the so called big Hollywood studios servicing some of the industries most demanding clients and understand how sometimes work scheduled can get out of hand while dealing with irrational people.

I’m not one of those types, but I do expect simple work attached to a detailed by the numbers easy to follow word doc should be completed in a timely manner. Keep in mind the site is built therefore fonts and color scheme done, just needs some easy to do updates and TLC by a professional WIX builder.

When I service my clients my moto is to always under promises, over deliver and deliver on time no matter what.


Good luck :thumbsup:


When it comes to a website I would suggest that you disable his access by changing a password etc before taking any other action. I am not sure if Wix allows backups but you should always be very careful who you allow access to and what permission you give to them.
As for cancellation or not, look at what he has done, if it is in keeping with what was agreed then you should not cancel. If it is not then you should look at the resolution center options.


Thank you and yes done did that, originally changed my password for his access and have just now changed it back to my regular password. Seconds later I received a Complete Accept prompt as the deadline is now 24-hours away. So sent him an explanation and recount of where we started and where we are now. Basically very little completed work and nothing satisfactory. The only completed work and not to my satisfaction is him replacing videos I already had uploaded with a slightly different set up for the video gallery. He did add a page labeled Shout Out when the new page was to be The Deal. The Shout Out was to be an Email Blast that linked to my The Deal page. No optimization, No new logo and icons and other incomplete work.

Now I’m looking for the Conflict Resolution on Fiverr, where is that? Anyone recommend a pro WIX person on Fiverr that can read english and complete work in a timeline manner? Maybe that not cool on WIX forum?


Top right corner of ORDER page:


I speak no engrish…