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Can I change 4.7 stars


I completed job without revision. But he gave a 4.7 stars and comment with “very good services” to me. Can I change it via "RESOLUTION CENTER "

Is that will be affect for TOS warning please.?

Thank you
Have a great day for all!!!

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In the real world a 4.7 is not considered a bad review. On Fiverr though we tend to think of it like a slap to the face.

Customer Support will not change a honest review left by a buyer. If it was a malicious review from a competitor then maybe, even then it’s highly doubtful.


Thank you very much. how calculate final rating. Is that too much affect for my final feedback ?

There is nothing wrong with a 4.7 its almost perfect, some buyers just dont like to give 5 star reviews :confused: and no you cannot change it or have support change it if its an honest review they definitely wont.

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okay…Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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4.7 is not a bad rating. There should be something upset to the buyer even you delivered a quality product. be honest, polite and responsive to the messages so you will get 5.0 ratings in future. Good luck to your business!


Thank you very much!!!

Have you already forgotten that you asked a very similar question in another thread and got many replies? Here is the reply I gave you and you can ignore it if you like, but it is the same advice I would give again:

It is still not a bad idea to ask Customer Support if they see any issues with the review. There has been a known glitch in the mobile app where buyers try to leave a review and it doesn’t leave the correct rating. This is a question for Support, though, not for the buyer.

I am glad that you use the forum, but you might want to try to remember past advice that is given to you. Good luck.


4.7 isn’t that bad. If the client has given this rating, it means your work/services deserve this. I’ll say let it be and increase communication skills and improve your expertise. Best of luck.

Sorry for the newb question but in what situation would it be a good idea to go to the resolution center and use the ‘request buyer to change rating/review’ option? And, if it is against ToS, in what kinda situation would it not be against ToS to use that section of the resolution center? @fonthaunt

Just to make myself clear… I am not questioning the reasoning behind it. I am only asking cuz I have no idea.

Nowadays it’s too dangerous. I think no need to change it. Because 4.7 isn’t bad feedback at all.

Instead of asking for a better review, maybe you could look in the review itself, see what factors did not get 5 stars all the way across, and ask your buyer what you can do to improve for next time. If it’s something you can improve in your work quality, communication, response, etc., it can be something to help guarantee excellent reviews all the time.

I once received a 3.7 and a glowing review from a regular buyer we have a great working relationship with. I contacted him and asked if it was the review he meant to leave (and if it was I was totally fine with that).

He said he’s meant to leave 5.0 and had no idea what happened. I’ve sent a feedback change request via Resolution Center and the buyer changed the review to 5.0.

However, it says at the bottom of the form that you have a limited amount of feedback change requests you can send out. So I personally wouldn’t waste them on 4.7 and 4.3 reviews.

4.7 and 4.3 reviews are often a glitch and I wouldn’t say they are “not that bad” given fiverr’s 4.8 policy. But if you only got one or two of them I think you can leave them be.


Once I was also rated 4.7)) The buyer said that he did not accidentally get into the “5”))))

Thank you for all:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

If you have contacted Support to ask about an issue with a buyer and a Support agent tells you that it is a good time to ask the buyer if they would like an opportunity to change the review.

ToS is kind of delicate on this. I mean, it’s not technically against ToS to use the Resolution center to ask a buyer to reconsider a review unless the request would be considered manipulation. The problem is: how can you decide as a seller whether Fiverr will see your request as manipulation or not? As a seller myself, I don’t even try to decide. I just ask Support every time if I would like to check with a buyer about a feedback change. I never use the word “review” when speaking to buyers unless a Support agent has directly recommended that I do so. That seems to keep me safe, so far, and I will keep recommending it to other sellers.

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You’re never guaranteed excellent reviews all the time, regardless of work ethic - unreasonable people and scammers abound.

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Right, same here! I once tried to use the resolution center to get a clearly misleading, and untrue rating removed - asking the buyer to simply give an honest rating around our communication, and if the gig was carried out as described in my gig description - both of which I did, easily verifiable. Subsequently, I received a warning on my account about trying to “manipulate” the buyer, which 100% didn’t happen.So, I don’t use it for that reason anymore. I go directly to support.


I didn’t say you should be guaranteed any sort of review, what I said was to ask the buyer what you could do to make sure your:

  • Communication With Seller
  • Service as Described, or
  • Buy Again or Recommend factors could be improved to give better service next time, as this is the criteria the buyer is judging.

Maybe there was something that could be better? One of the first ratings a got when I started was a 4, and I asked my client that question, and he gave me important feedback on how I could improve. And I improved. I didn’t ask him to change my rating, nor did I need him to. The feedback he gave me was worth much more than a star. I wasn’t looking to game the Fiverr system to get a bump in the algorithm–I was, and am, wanting to find ways to improve my business here.

And each month is better than the previous one. As for scammers, maybe I’ve been lucky. When I sold mostly $5 gigs and the like, people did on occasion try to take advantage of the situation. But once I increased my prices, those people dropped away and I’ve had longstanding relationships with a lot of great people.

I would take the 4.7 and look for ways to improve. Make it as hard as possible for people not to give you a 5.

Much success to you all!


4.7 shouldn’t be a bad review, but Fiverr is trying to make sure that we do our best to provide good services. Yet like others have said Fiverr isn’t about helping the sellers at all.