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Can I Change a Review?

I Reviewed a seller 4 stars and I want to change it to 5 . Is it possible? I will be using the sellers ervices again.


No, once given, a review can not be changed.

In the past, we have also been told on this Forum that sellers have gotten warnings on their accounts for review manipulation even though the buyer asked to change the review.

I am curious, did the seller ask you to chaange the review?


Yes you are right. Your comment is very helpful.
Thank you

It can not be changed.

Once done is done!

On the other hand the seller will get a warning from Fiverr for Review manipulation as stated earlier by vickiespencer


Contact Fiverr support.

No They didnt ask me to change it . I just wanted to change it as my opinion on the service kinda changed after a few days .

No, no, no do not do that. As I said, it has been reported on the Forum that when the buyer or the seller asks to have a review changed the seller usually ends up with a warning. Please be careful about giving advice that could get someone in trouble.

That is good, because if CS saw that they would for sure give the seller a warning. It is best to just leave it alone.


If seller didn’t ask to change the review, why the CS ever put a warning on seller’s profile? That doesn’t make any sense. If the buyer wanted to change the review by them self without any force from the seller, what would be the reason for CS to put a warning on? :man_shrugging:

This fellow clearly mentioned,

I do not know the “why.” That is merely what I have read–here on the Forum–happened to buyers and sellers in similar situations.

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You can contact CS and ask them why they choose to do it if you’re curious. You can even try to reason with them.

My guess would be they implemented zero tolerance policy to changing reviews after they got enough buyer complaints about “Please rate me 5 STAR!!!” spam. Also, no one really wants to read through the entirety of inbox messages to check if the buyer is being influenced to request a review change or not.

I’ve seen a few reports of sellers getting warnings over this. And I also saw 1 comment of someone getting their review changed after the buyer requested it last week. The point is, it’s risky. And not worth it over 4*.


That’s insane. as you guys say, Like you get an order and you delivery then the buyer marks the order as completed. after that he leave 2 star review accidentally. Now, the seller doesn’t need to change that review or nothing even didn’t communicate about that with the buyer. Now the buyer thought by themself that they left it by mistake and they wanted to change it. so if they contacted CS by themself without even letting know the seller about that, will there be a warning on your account? would you guys still accept that warning?

I have no idea why you’re arguing with me. I’m not CS and I do not issue warnings. Also, you can’t really “decline” an account warning. :slight_smile:

I also specifically said it wasn’t worth it over 4*.

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If you’re not CS, and if you’re not issuing warnings, what kind of an authority do you have to issue this statement? :slight_smile:

Yes, I would accept that rather than taking the chance of getting a possible warning from Fiverr. Actually, I did accept a poor review given by a buyer. I am a proofreader, and the buyer did not open my Track Changes copy. He only opened the final copy, where he thought there were no changes. He gave me a bad review and then apologized for doing so through messages.

@lenasemenkova is speaking from experience.

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Yes you have to accept a poor review if buyer left so. and you can’t ask buyer to change the review and that’s also 100% fine and I do agree. but this is a totally different story isn’t it?

It says “my guess would be” in the beginning. Which means I’m hypothesising. Please read my “statements” in their entirety. :slight_smile:

Everybody’s so brave fighting over questionable CS decisions with other forum users, geez.


No, because I could have contacted CS with screenshots of the buyer saying he had made a mistake, but I knew better than to do that because I read the experience of others on the Forum and I did not want a warning on my account!

If you want to risk getting a warning on your account when you get a buyer who tells you they want to change a review then you go ahead and do that. We are only sharing what we have seen reported on the Forum. Plus, as anyone knows who hangs out on the Forum, CS’s decisions do not always make sense or seem fair. However, it is Fiverr’s sight and they make the rules.

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I think you didn’t read my comment properly. I’m talking about buyer asking for CS to change the review left by their own even letting know the seller that they want to change the review. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure you end up with a warning if you ask CS about changing a review even the buyer said you that they left it my mistake and no explanation needed for that. that’s why i said i’m referring a different story.

The situation is pretty clear. Initiating the review change is risky. It doesn’t matter if the buyer initiates it without letting the seller know. I know that based on complaints I read on the forum. I know that it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t make sense to me either. Sometimes CS will change it, sometimes they’ll slap the seller with a warning. That’s it.


They argue because you were nice enough to give a thoughtful answer.