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Can I change gig Image

After publishing the gig can I change the gig preview image. If I change what would be the impact on gig ranking

No problem, you can change now easily

Yes, you can view your gigs (on desktop) and it will give you a drop down on the right with many options, including to edit your gig. I was afraid to edit my gig photos to something better, but after I did TODAY I already gained 4 clicks and 57 impressions…worth it if you ask me!

Good luck, Taz

Thanks, I heard few rumors’ that If I change the preview image the gig ranking will fall down surely ,Is it True

topupaul861 Someone told me this. But want to know is it really true?

I cannot day for sure, but what I am saying is that in my experience my gigs got more attention after much-needed adjustments for higher quality.

Good luck, Taz

I don’t know , any expert who has the experience he knows well it true or rumors , I am waiting for an expert answer

If you think… The image you set is not Perfect then you can change but make the image SEO friendly and readable

How to create seo friendly Image?

Yeah, You can change. Better image can create better impact Bad image can bad!

Yes, you can change but make sure that your images are original and free to use in order to protect your account from getting warnings or even from restrictions.

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It is better not to change now, change when you have a few orders running

You can change img any time and so gig