Can I change Internet service provider?


There are many internet service providers and mobile internet service providers in our country.
Such as Banglalionwimax, Grameenphone, Airtel, Robi, Teletalk etc.
I have always used Banglalionwimax to brows fiverr.

I now want to use the Mobile Internet Service Provider. Such as Grameenphone or Robi.

If I use a mobile operator, will there be any problem with my account? Or the account will be disabled?

I have a laptop and an account. I do not login any other fiverr account with my laptop and nobody else logs in.

Thank you


Yes of course. I have two internet providers in my home.


Thank you …


I use broadband in PC. I also use Taletalk as a backup when Broadband is down. I use Robi for the mobile device.
Not a problem if you use multiple internet providers to use Fiverr.


You can use any kind of internet provider you want. No problem :smiley:


Thank you …:smiley:


Thank you very much …:smiley: