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Can I change my broadband connection or ISP?


I want to change my ISP(Internet Service Provider). As a result, my IP will change. Will there any problem if I do so. I have been using one ISP for about 3 years and I created my fiverr account on this ISP and running it here. Now, I want to change them and go for another ISP.

Can I do it ? Please let me know. Thank you very much !!


Yes you can . I travel a lot and I log in from different places all the time.


Thank you very much !


Yes. To paraphrase the Terms of Service, Fiverr’s problem is with multiple accounts that sell the same service from the same electronic location.


Thank you, I will ensure that my new ip doesn’t have any fiverr account and is a unique IP.


You are welcome.
To get a unique IP you must to pay more your isp and using a cable connection and make sure you get ipv6 not ipv4.


Thanks for the IPV4 suggestion. I will taking Fibre optic Connection.


You are welcome. :sunglasses::+1:


Thanks A Lot ! :grinning:


You are welcome.
and if you use win 10, get the win 10 of Enterprise. :sunglasses::+1:


Yes I use win 10 and When I bought a HP laptop. They provided a Genuine Version of Windows 10 Enterprise. Thanks :grinning:


No Problem you can !


I’ve been with the same ISP for 8 years, and 2 weeks ago I changed my ISP, which came with another set of dynamic IPs. Suffice it to say that I haven’t encountered any problems whatsoever :slight_smile:


Thanks you very much Bro


You are welcome and always turn on automatic your wind defender and win os.


Thank you Sir, I will take Static IP


Thanks a lot for the awesome tips :grinning:


All my ISPs have had dynamic IPs, and never encountered any problems with that in 8 years, so I don’t think there is a need for static IP (but that may depend on your location and chosen ISP)


You are welcome. :sunglasses::+1:


Thanks a lot for your answer ! It helped me a lot !