Can i change my fiverr revenue card


Hello in my fiverr revenue card option there i see ‘we identified an issue with your application and cannot process at this time please contract customer support’ my payoneer account is permanently close so i can not log in my payoneer account.but the fiverr say this is the matter of payoneer i called payoneer they say this is the matter of fiverr.what is this with me a new seller please solve my problem so that i add my new payoneer account in my fiverr account.


Hello @jakirmollik

In fiverr for revenue there is 2 option.

you should try 2nd option now

i hope that will solve your problem…
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I also faced this problem back in a while when my payoneer card got damaged. I was about to apply for a new one so I thought of confirming first if it can be changed on fiverr. Same thing happened with, payoneer told me it was the case of fiverr and vice versa. However, I applied for a new card and it arrived soon (they charged fee of course) and when I activated it, all my accounts changed automatically and my previous funds were also transferred to new one. Fiverr automatically identifies my new card and my old one is block permanently.


There is no option to add new.please see bro.


I told you, you can’t manually add your another payoneer card. It’s registered to your NIC which is linked then to fiverr. When you’ll apply for a new card and get one, all these information will automatically update when you activate your new card.
MEANS when you’ll activate your new card, and click on Fiverr revenue card, your funds will be transferred to your new account rather than older one.


my payoneer account was permanently lock.i think i cant open a new payoneer card by using same information as i used before.please advice.


What should I do if I want to change my payoneer account not only card?


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He’s unlikely to answer.

You’ll have to ask Payoneer Customer Support.


@curiousteam Contact Payoneer customer support. They can help you.