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Can I change my Gig description?

Hi, I opened my Gig the month of July, Now I want to change my Gig description. Before creating this post I already change my Gig related tag words. If I change my Gig description what type of impact will be on my Gig.

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If you need to update your gig, update your gig. We have no insight into how that will impact your gig in the search algorithm. It would be wise to worry less about what might happen, and dedicate your time and attention to what you can control. If your gig needs to be updated, then update it, and keep it current.


Actually I heared if I change my Gig description and price then my Gig is not showing in search bar more than 24 hours. I have no idea about that because I am new in Fiverrr. Thanks to you for your replay and your opinio.

My comments are not my opinion, they are fact.

Fiverr reviews all changes to gigs. During the time that those changes are being reviewed, your gig will not be searchable in the search algorithm. When Fiverr approves your changes, your gig will be reinserted into the search system.


“You can’t change things outside of your control, but you can change your attitude.”
- Marcus Aurelius


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What is the alternative? Keeping your gig the way it is even if it is sub-optimal? That would hurt you more than not changing it.

It is just 24 hours or so, anyway. You shouldn’t let it impact your decisions.


Thanks for sharing this course. I already compeleted this course. :blush:

Thanks for your valuable replay.:blush: It’s is very helpful for me

Hi, Rumana
Don’t have any problem. You can change your gig discription but don’t change your gig title.If you change your gig title then your gig will be down in search result.
I think you understand

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Thanks for your replay

I think you are form bd

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Thanks for feadback… :blush: really your feedback is very helpful

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Yes.are you form also bd?

yes I stay in shariutpur and you??

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ok I understand.
Thank you

Yes you can change you gig description but don’t change your title.

You can change your title if it’s more effective. Titles are trial and error.

Changing my titles brought me more business.

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Thanks to you for sharing your valuable knowledge, I try to read your feedback because it’s always informative