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Can i change my gig title


Hello fiverr community,
Can i change my gig title again,will it harm to my gig, please explain anyone in forum.
Thank you,


You can make whatever changes you feel are necessary to grow and improve your gig.


Yes you can - but your gig needs to stay in the same category, so needs to be related in some way to what it originally offered.


And, keep in mind too, while you can change your gig title, your gig url will never change. Your gig url will always be the same as when you first created your gig.


yes, thats ok,no problem carry on


Of course you can make changes on your gig title, as long as you are using the right keywords


@jonbaas thank you very much for your advice…


@smiler3d thanks for advises


@seowriter_hub thank you…


@raj_videoeditor thanks you…