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Can I change my public profile name?

I started my Fiverr account in 2010 to buy some gigs, never thinking that I’d one day want to be a seller.

Now I want to begin selling gigs, but for branding purposes I’d like to change the user name that buyers would see. Does Fiverr allow you to do this, and how would you go about it? I’ve poked around and can’t figure it out. I’m pretty sure I did change it at one point, but now I can’t recall how I did it!

You can’t maybe the support can help you.

I requested to change my name in January and support said no. You’ll have to create a new account :frowning:

Thanks for all your replies, I appreciate the help!

Reply to @friendliestvo and @djean: You also have to cancel your old account if you plan to create a new account. Customer Support can remove the old account for you. If you create a new account first, you then have 2 accounts and that can get you banned from Fiverr. I too wish there was a way to keep selling and buying activities separate, but right now I don’t know of another one.