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Can I change my Username

How may change my Fiverr Username?
If anyone know the solution for this problem, please help me.


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Read this:

The above is the only way!


You could add a thread asking Fiverr to make a username change possible to the about 1000 (not really 1000 probably, but it feels like it have to be 1000 ;)) such threads in the “Site Suggestions” category and hope that one day, they’ll grant this wish of many a seller (count me in). Until then, you’ll have to live with your username, or close this account and open a new one, as suggested by lloydsolutions.

(And for anyone who wants to say not possible technically and no chance ever, I’m on a (completely unrelated but also big and complex) site, where also everyone said not possible and/or they’ll never do it for years, but recently they caved and are going to offer it. At a price, granted :wink: but nethertheless.)


Going from data entry to being “a professional passionate logo Designer & Branding Specialist” does have its woes.


Why you want to change your name?