Can I change my windows?


Hi i am miju.I am new here about 15 days and still waiting for my buyer. But this is awesome. nowadays I have some problem with my pc old window so I have update it today. I have seen many site who close user accounts if user uses different ip address. In my country we don’t have any permanent ip address so after updating any windows it automatically took new ip .

so my question Is my account id safe or not? and, how will I get my first buyer ?
please let me know.

Thank you


I think it’s okay for you to change IP but not too much. You probably want to contact and let them know and see what they say.


Thank you . I will !


I think it is okay.


I use Fiverr from different IP addresses, PCs, laptops and mobiles - not a problem, but AFAIK, I’m the only Fiverr user on them (don’t know about shared IPs).


Dynamic IP address is OK.

Many countries in the world still uses old technology such as DSL/Shared Lan where IP address is not static (fixed) per computer. So Fiverr is aware of that.

But having multiple accounts from same IP address is where you might get into trouble.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts . It really give me strength to continue .


@djgodknows I use different computers different IPs in different cities of Pakistan to login on fiverr… My family lives in Lahore so Me and my wife both use fiverr on same IP… Being a site engineer, I go to far city for 14 days a month where me and my room mate use fiverr on same IP… i have sometimes used 3G/4G via cellular service providers to deliver my orders… I never am warned… but I have little knowledge about these IP issues, I might travel abroad next month so posts like this scares me…


I’m sure once you go out of country, you WILL be at the location for a period of time.
So what Fiverr will see the is that your account is now logging in from a different country. That is fine. As long as they see you be on the NEW IP address routinely from that point on wards.

If by any chance your account is logged in from your HOME country while you are abroad, THAT is going to raise the red flag, and Fiverr may interpret that as a fraudulent activity. And action will be taken against your account.

So make sure, once you switch to a new IP you keep using it for a period of time to ensure that the system logs that it is now your current point of origin.

I’m gonna try and explain EXTERNAL IP address in Layman’s terms.
It’s like a phone number as you may know, for e.g:

“24” is a dedicated address reserved for my ISP in Bangladesh.
So even if I switch to another IP it would still show something as:

So Fiverr would know that I am still in Bangladesh.
Even tho my external IP is different from original.

So when you go abroad, that number would switch. And as long as you stay logged in periodically from the new location and avoid ANY logins from your home.
You will be ALL good.

But for your peace of mind you can let CS know, but that is optional.

Hope I was able to shed some light on this.


Yes, I will definitely let CS know about this and of course there is no point of logging in again from home while I will be sitting in China, my stay will be of 11 months. I want to continue freelancing there too and I hope this should not be a problem, as long as I inform to CS.