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Can i change payoneer account on fiverr

I want to change my payoneer account because i was using the brothers account now i want to change it and want to use my own. Is this possible to deactivate current added payoneer account on fiverr and add new one instead of old one?.
Your answer will be appreciated.

Yes you can change but i advice you first contact to fiverr support discuss with them about your issue they will guide you

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yes you can :slight_smile:

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who knows when they reply

thanks for your response:)

They are replying according to what level you have on fiverr…
After post ticket comment them on there fb page so you will get better response

i don’t know the procedure, i many time visited there fb page but they through me on customer care’s page

Here you can post ticket

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If you spam them on FB they can block you.

It’s better to just post a ticket through the link you provided.

if you will use the ticket number on fb then they will not block you… if you will comment again and again then may be

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