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Can I Change Tags?

Can I Change Tag After When I Cannot Shown Results On Gigs?


Of course you can change your tags; according to a Fiverr success manager in a recent Fiverr online event, you even should play around with the tags. However, you should keep in mind that your gig probably will be re-checked by Fiverr when you edit it, which can result in it being pulled from search for however long Fiverr currently needs to check gigs. If it’s similar to their current ticket response times, that could take days, if not longer.
Also, there is no guarantee that your gig will do better; it could do better, the same, or worse.

In short, is it allowed? Yes. Is it advisable? Depends. If you get sales, I’d say maybe better leave it alone at this time; if you don’t get sales anyway, there’s probably not much harm in trying.


Ooh Thanks You Soo Much Miila Thats Great Information

Can We make a Gig With Different category In Fiverr ??

Yes, sure. Just not the same gig in different categories, all your gigs need to be different from each other and relevant to the category you choose.

Like a
i will make a gig logo design category
i want a seo Services Gig can i make? Any effect >

sure you can. but I think it’s better if you can wait for a while before changing tags. maybe sometimes after a new gig will appear on the top of the pages.

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Yeah Absolutely Right