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Can I change the my gig's URL? How?


Can I change the my gig’s URL? How?


You cannot. Gig urls are permanent. You cannot change them.


no you can do that because this is not possible.


I hear an echo. :wink:


Gig URL is created when you first create your gig and is fixed no matter how many times you edit the gig. The only solution would be to create a new gig with your desired URL (URL is based on your gig title) but I believe it is not what you are asking for.


Yes… Can not change URL. It’s permanent.


Another echo. You even liked the answer I provided to the OP hours ago… and then you chose to tell him the same exact thing I told him. What was your motivation for this? I already answered his question. You have not contributed anything new to this topic.


I have noticed the “echo” syndrome happening often on the forum myself. I am glad you have and that you have dealt with it. Hopefully, it will dwindle and become nonexistent.


What is OP? …


Yes you can. By deleting the whole gig and recreating it again.


This usually means “original poster” or “original post”. It is used to refer to the first post in a forum topic – in this case, the user that asked the question that I responded to.



Okay. Thanks:smiley: