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Can I change the prices of my service in my gigs?


Can I change the prices of my service in my gigs after I got a handful of orders and reviews to show that I’m skilled enough and thus a buyer should be charged more?


You can change prices of your gigs when you want.


yes you can change any time any thing


Yes! I have done that countless times and it didn’t hurt my sales.


Yes of course. But after that maybe you will notice your numbers go down for a while but dont worry its normal. Just give your new gig a little time to climb back up in the pages. I wish you all the best luck

Maria S.


yes you can always change


Yes you can change your prices and gig description anytime.


Thank you so much! Had another question which is if I could make edits to the description of Premium - Standard - Basic part.


You can make edits to any or all parts of your gig whenever you like. The only thing to remember is that if you’re in the process of delivering a gig, you need to deliver the gig as it was when it was ordered, before you made any changes.


This clears it all. Thanks a lot!


Yes, you can do that anytime here.


Yes you can also do this


I hope without category you can change anything in your gig.


Yes. Surely you can change your gig price.


yes, you can change your gig services price. no problem.