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Can I charge custom amounts for custom jobs?


Hey guys,

I am pretty new as a seller and have a question. I have a writing service here and have had a few people contact me via inbox and ask me about projects that aren’t exactly like my gig.

I want to help them, but what they are sometimes needing is not going to be worth it for a $4 profit…it would take me too much time.

So my question is this:

If someone contacts me and says “Hey I’m wondering if you can do this and that?” can I tell them I will help them, but they will have to order say 5 gigs so it’s worth it to me?





Reply to @oldbittygrandma:


I am at level 1 so I have those options. I’m not sure I was 100% clear though.

I have an article writing gig. I write articles for $5 which is fine.

But…I’ve had people contact me and say "Can you help me with my website content?"

That is not the same as an article as in, it is not anywhere near being worth my time to do that for $5.

What I am asking is can I figure out what I would do something like that for, say $25 and tell the person to just order my article gig 5 times??

In other words, the stuff they are asking me to do is much more work, and therefore not worth $5. I am inquiring about the Fiverr rules here. I do not want to say “Yes, Order 5 gigs and I will help you” only to find out Fiverr is going to ban me.

Make sense?


Reply to @oldbittygrandma:

Yes…thank you so much. I didn’t think of just adding to the gig extras “help you create custom website content” I think that will work I think.

I’ll ask support to be sure too…thanks a lot :smiley:


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