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Can I chat in Urdu, Hindi or any other language, with buyer?

Can I communicate with buyer in Urdu or Hindi?

What if a dispute is opened for that order, can customer support resolve the issue with Urdu/Hindi conversations?


You can message with buyers on Fiverr in any language they speak. If the buyer does not know Urdu or Hindi you should message with them in English or whatever other language you share. A buyer should not have to use software to translate your message.

It is very unlikely a Customer Support rep on Fiverr will be able to speak with you in Urdu/Hindi. Fiverr is based in Israel but CS is in a U.S. office and the reps typically communicate in English.

Did you purchase a level 2 account from someone else or take over a friend’s account? These are unusual questions for a level 2 seller with many reviews.

Actually I was having an argument in facebook group with many other fiverr users on this topic, it is Pakistan’s Fiverr group and they’re claiming that it is perfectly fine to communicate in any language and Customer support will be fine with it. I contacted CS and they also advised to use English but people won’t stop arguing.

I posted it here so they can see and participate in discussion here.
This is my account and I’ve been communicating in English only. Just wanted to make my point to others. Thanks!