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Can i communicate buyer after delivery of order?

Dear All,
I am new seller in fiverr. Can i communicate buyer after delivery of order?


Yes, you can. I hope you are talking about communicating here on Fiverr.


exactly i am talking about this

Of course you can but Buyer may decide to report you as spammer anytime.

As a consequence you get warned and as you know, because you have read TOS, warnings are not good for Fiverr carrier.

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It’s advised not to reach out to buyers if you don’t have an open order. One buyer complaining about spam from you will get your account banned.


If buyer allow you to continue the communication after oder deliver, then I think you are lucky. Then u can disribe your future serviceswith him. Sometimes after order delivery we send a masg to customer but he didn’t reply even he online. In that cases we should not knock him again & again…:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


My buyer give’s another proposal in the conversation of order page. Now he is sleeping. :zzz: :zzz: and my last order[from_him] was delivered few hours ago. i am was just scared about that fiverr will not let me allow to communicate with buyer

Its totally fine to talk to them after you deliver your order and even after they marked your order complete…
Fiverr its self asks to thank them after they mark order complete and left you TIP…so there should not be any issue…


What do you want to say?

Yes, you can. This will build a good client relationship with you. And long-term relationships will develop.

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Right :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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No. That is not appropriate. :slightly_smiling_face:

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You should only communicate with your buyer when you have an open order or have just delivered.

I’m now asking regular buyers if it’s ok to reach out to them when I have news about something specific to their site.

Do not spam. If even one buyer marks any of your communications as spam you may get banned


If buyer allow you to continue the communication

U can talk or discuss with him

Yes, if it is about general things but if you are trying to get them to buy more services, you will find they get pretty stroppy pretty fast.

Many buyers however will totally disappear the moment you deliver. Don’t try talking to them as you merely look desperate.


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If buyer allow you to continue the communication

Yes, you can. But Obviously in Fiverr though…

yes you can:) :grinning:

Yes you can. And sometimes it helps to build a long term relationship.