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Can I communicate with a client via Zoom call after the order is placed?

Hello there,

I have a client who wants to communicate with me via video call via zoom or google meet. He is neither VID nor a Business client. So we cant communicate in the inbox. My question is that if I can communicate with him after the order is placed? My gig is on Shopify full website creation. Am I allowed to communicate like that? or will I violate ToS? Any help will be appreciated.

Many thanks for considering my request.


From what I understand, if Zoom is a required feature of conducting your service, and you have that fully outlined in your gig description that Zoom is required to conduct your service, you can use Zoom. However, if Zoom is not required to conduct your service under normal circumstances, then no. It would go against TOS. The exception would be if they are VID or a Business Client.

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It’d be best to contact CS and ask for permission. Maybe, suggest your buyer to contact CS instead of doing it yourself if you both are in a hurry.

Another alternative is to ask your buyer to become a Business client.



Hello @ariannecoach, thanks for your quick response. Under normal circumstances, zoom is not required for my service, but the client is insisting on me talk with him so that he can elaborate briefly on his project. He said-

I can’t give you my passwords without knowing you brother, I need to be able to talk to you. also to ensure that the deliverable is good. I don’t mind confirming the order first. I am sorry brother for insisting. I just believe we will really have a better time communicating.

What should I do now?

Thanks in advance

I’d go with what wordsfire suggested - contact CS for permission.


Thank you all @wordsfire @ariannecoach

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