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Can I communicate with a seller who work in amazon listing and ppc

I am starting working in this platform. So I need some tips about this topic. Please help me someone

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Are you asking if you, as a seller here can contact another seller here who offers the same type of Gig you are going to be putting up - the answer is no.

If you were to contact another seller here to “pick their brain” about how they run their Fiverr business, your message may very well be marked spam and you would be reported. If you have a seller account, you would have a warning, which harms your ability to gain levels here.

If I read your question right, the answer would be, “don’t do it”.

I see from another thread you started, that, indeed, you are trying to sell this type of service and want to talk to another seller in the same niche. Take my advice: do not contact other sellers unless you intend to buy their services.



Thank you so much for your advice