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Can I complete an order without a review?

I had a very negative experience with a gig. I received what I ordered after much struggle. The seller is asking that I complete the order and give her a high rating. I think the nicest thing I can do for her, since the word was good in the end, is not rate her because if I’m honest I’d give her very low reviews. Can I complete without reviewing or should I just wait to let it close after 3 days?

I have had notifications from Fiverr that my Buyer “has marked this order complete” without rating or feedback. Is this an autocomplete notification?

madmoo said: It's misleading

It sure is.

I strongly suggest Fiverr to do something on clarifying to the Buyers on how to complete an order. A button saying “Thank you, I received the service” or so

I have a seller who says he won’t release my files until I give him a 5star review and a good comment. While his initial design was very good, the modification process has been utterly unsatisfactory. So what do I do?

Did file a report with CS and followed up with a tweet to @fiverr. Got a very quick response. Now let’s see if we can resolve this.

Reply to @redeemeryouth: I’d report him to CS since it sounds like you’re being forced to give him a good review. If he deserved it, he really shouldn’t resort to such a pathetic behavior. I think you have 4 options:

  1. Cancel the order and have someone else do the design for you
  2. Leave the review you think he deserves: you might not get your files and lose money
  3. Give him a 5 star review and get the files
  4. Report him to CS and see what happens

It’s up to you what you want to do though.