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Can I contact other sellers to ask them ...?

Welcome to the Fiverr Forum! Lol, I have been here for 4 years, and I still spend time here when I should be working.

Unfortunately, your gigs are in a very oversaturated niche.

Just look at these statistics:

You need to figure out why as a new seller, buyers would order from you instead of one of the other 129,225 gigs that are on Fiverr that are offered by new sellers.


That cracked me up a little—in a good and innocent way :joy:.

Don’t want to comment on the effectiveness of invaluable tips from OP—but personally tips like this made me scared even to think about messaging a seller here from day one.

Even today I was thinking about ordering from a seller here for something I really want to get done and I know they will deliver it perfectly to my liking. But afraid to send an enquiry :sweat_smile:.


I believe value is necessary when dealing with buyer as well as seller. But the author should have allowed a 'thank you’re :grinning:

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I looked up meksel and came across this historical and informative nugget from the forum history

And I was also reminded of one of frank’s post to be kind. By tomorrow @miiila 's post will be flooded by more thank yous and heartmojis. We cannot end up calling out everyone…

I received a notification and said hey don’t encourage me lol! :heart:
After I typed, @miiila had included an edit to keep the post on track :sweat_smile:

Why not?
I once ordered from another seller who had worked with me on a manual for a buyer. I had checked his work and liked it. Also, there are so many sellers outsourcing their work/part of it. For example, I helped a screencast video developer develop a storyboard.

Spamming is what’s being discouraged in the post!

I just noticed your ID is not associated with a Regular badge :exploding_head:

I read threads as far back as 2017 and benefit from your responses on them.


Sounds like a comment to me, though :wink:

Nobody ever said it was a problem to message a seller if one indeed intends to order from them, though! This is just about spammy messages. By all means do message them. I’ve ordered from sellers I knew through the forum myself, and why not, it can be a pretty good way to avoid issues, just as you say,


Yeah, my PS edit was just damage containment, I knew there’d be people who’ll just comment with thank you for the tips without reading the tips, let’s just ignore it and chat.



Someone will screenshot this into their YouTube video encouraging everyone to increase post response because DIDN’T I TELL YOU!


I’ve posted in several threads that I’ve hired and been hired by people I knew from the forum, it’s no secret :wink:


Anyway, dear friends who do actually read the topics you comment on, don’t spam. And YT gurus, don’t encourage people to spam other people, you’re wasting both their time with a 99% chance (%age courtesy of @visualstudios) and put them at risk of a warning, suspension, ban. Tell them something actually helpful, like posting actual content on the forum might help.


I appreciate the that

i have a question. i am a new seller and all i know is that response time matters. sometimes i get messages from i don’t know fake clients i guess asking questions over questions and then after a day they disappear. should i be reporting them just leave it like that? and never answer them back?

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not getting orders is really heart breaking. you should do more marketing, do more publicity for your gig and then see the results. that will get you orders, not being active in the forum comment box. polishing your work skills, good communication and marketing your gig is the key to success here on fiverr. all the best to you.


They most likely aren’t spammers (unless they ask you to give them work to do!) they might just move on or get busy with their lives. It happens - some people don’t like to say ‘sorry I chose someone else’ outloud because it’s awkward (or that’s what I think at least.) Fake buyers are people who ask you to do work for them BEFORE placing an order.


oh okay. now that helps. one more thing. as response time counts, some said it only counts for the first response time when someone messages you, and some said it counts the whole conversation when responding. which one is correct?

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genuinely saying, thank you for sharing your thoughts. it was really confusing for me. i was worried if i report an actual buyer or keep entertaining a fake client.

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No worries, I was always bummed at first as well (but as long as long as you don’t give them any free work you’re fine!) re.: the response time, for NOW it seems to me that it’s only the first message that counts but it could be changing/different but I’m not 100% sure myself but maybe someone else knows!

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Thanks for sharing with us

Thank you so much for your nice co-oparetion, I will follow your tip well and now i am marketing my gig for publicity.

Thanks Again

Hi. There are new changes. It’s not the first message that is taken into account now. The whole conversation. However, later messages after the convo is concluded may not count according to new info on Fiverr help.

In theory, there could be “fake customers” among them in the sense of other sellers trying to get information out of you, but it’s much more probable that it’s just people who “window-shop around” and go with someone who offers cheaper or faster work, or they prefer to work with for whatever other reason, or they might decide to do it themselves and not buy from anyone in the end in some cases, or it might be hopeful resellers who are looking for the least to pay for the highest margin.

You can set up some quick responses if you end up typing (almost) the same things regarding their questions, then you’ll waste less time.

Reporting people only makes sense if they somehow violate Fiverr’s terms of service.

Regarding the response rate/time, here’s the FAQ:

However, I guess nobody is completely sure if it still applies after the recent changes, as afarigh said. Maybe we’ll hear from someone who’ll ask support about it if their rate seems to suffer because of that.